International Youth Designers Association (IYDA) is a non-profit organization made up of design professionals, design enthusiasts and advocates from all over the world and across a wide range of design fields, who care about the development of the industry and young designers.


IYDA aims to become an international design platform that connects designers and organizations from all over the world and facilitates their communication and cooperation. IYDA's establishment is an attempt to respond to problems or tasks that are facing contemporary design, such as "globalization". In so doing, we hope to advocate design culture and its impact on not only the Chinese society, but also the international community. In the meantime, IYDA strives to promote and bring up a new generation of passionate and innovative designers by providing them access to the global design scene, which IYDA believes will benefit the design industry at large.


To Promote New Talents

To discover and honor talented young designers by means of publications, exhibitions, competitions and other events.

To Enchance International Communication

To co-operate with international peer organizations and organize international meetings, exhibitions, visits.

To Facilitate Industry Innovation

To intergrate information from the international design community and support innovation in design theory and practive.