Brief Articles of
International Youth Designers Association

1. The name of the Organization is the International Youth Designers Association (IYDA). Use of the name and acronym is restricted to functions authorized by and for the benefit of the Organization and its members;

2. Members of IYDA are enterprise units, enterprise units, public institutions and academies engaged in architectural design, interior design, landscape design, graphical design, industrial design and other design related fields;

3. Members of IYDA are classified into four categories: Student Member, Regular Member, Corporate Member and Senior Member;

4. Sources of funding are membership dues, donation, government support, income from activities and services and interest;

5. Member dues shall be used for realizing purpose of IYDA, mustn't be dispensed among the members, mustn't be offended or embezzled by any organization or individual;

6. President, Executive President, President of Local Chapter, Vice President, Executive Member of the Council, Supervisor, President of the Council and Secretary General of IYDA are elected by the triennial General Assembly for a three-year term of office and can be re-elected for a second mandate of the same duration.