Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for IYDA Website

International Youth Designers Association (Hereinafter referred to as IYDA) website and related websites aim at providing you with information, services and references. You can browse information, download materials and use other functions of the website. While browsing IYDA website, following terms (Hereinafter referred to as "Terms & Conditions") and applicable laws must be conformed to unconditionally. IYDA may update information of the website and modify the terms at any time. You can visit the website regularly to get the latest information on modified terms & Conditions.

I. Copyright Declaration

Apart from special declarations, the copyright of all contents of this website, including the structure, website designing, characters and words, pictures and other information, belongs to IYDA. No other individual or party is allowed to mirror the contents onto other non-IYDA website servers or conduct illegal use of the contents thorough any other means.

II. IYDA Symbol Right Declaration

"國際青年設計師協會", "IYDA", "IYDA and IYDA green LOGO" and any other characters, words, shapes and visible signs that are used to mark IYDA and its related businesses are symbols of IYDA. IYDA enjoys the legally-protected symbol right of the aforementioned marks. Any other person or party is not allowed to modify, copy or use the aforementioned symbols in any other means without permission. Any behavior that tries to dilute or uglify the aforementioned symbols is against the law. IYDA reserves the right to ascertain the legal responsibility of the aforementioned behaviors.

III. Reprinting Declaration

Part of this website's contents is provided by other organizations, institutes or persons. The copyright of these contents belong to corresponding providers. This website is quoting, extracting or reprinting the third-party contents only for the purpose of communication or reference, while IYDA has nothing to do with the views or information in the contents.

IV. Linking Policy

1. Links from this website to website out of IYDA: When you click on a link, you will leave the IYDA website and enter into another website, whose terms of use must be observed.

2. Links from other websites to this website: You may risk entering into fake websites when entering this website through links provided by other websites, so it is suggested that you adopt safer means (eg. type in IYDA's address directly in your browser's address bar) to visit this website.

V. Non-commitment Items

When taking excerpts or reprinting information and materials for this website, IYDA strictly follows the principles set by copyright-related laws, regulations and judicial explanations of our country, and has been doing its best to be careful. Nevertheless, IYDA does not make any promise no violation of intellectual property right by the aforementioned information and materials, its security, accuracy or no-infringement of computer virus. When browsing this website, anyone who has found infringement of property right by relevant information and materials, please notify the network administrator. If the infringement is confirmed, this website will immediately clear the relevant information within the scope of its responsibility.

VI. Users' Responsibility of Confidentiality Keeping

When the user want to become a member through registration, IYDA website will ask you to choose an account and a password. You can use your account only through your password. You should take reasonable measures to prevent the password from being stolen or revealed. Consequences of password lost or revealing should be shouldered by the user.

VII. Laws Applicable and Jurisdiction

Chinese law applied to the contents and use of IYDA website. Disputes aroused for using this website should be handed to the local court where IYDA is located for the lodging of suit.

VIII. Contact Information

If you have any problems or suggestions when using IYDA website, please contact us by: general@iyda.hk