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Shopping in the cozy living room

noa* (network of architecture) gives a cozy atmosphere to the ski rental and shop K&K at the Seiser Alm / Alpe di Siusi and shapes a comforting backdrop in the middle of the Alpine landscape. 
The design of the interior is characterized from the contrast of three materials. The warmth of the matured spruce, the soft surface of the felt and the edgy l furniture create a cozy living room atmosphere. 

Floor and ceiling of dark felt confine the room without restricting it; the anthracite color makes the borders of the room not clearly visible. The extensive felt area absorbs disorderliness and noisiness. s of matured timber zone the space and create areas for the ski rental, sale and fitting. The furniture consists of a combination of matured timber and dark l and thus combines a traditional character with a contemporary touch. 

Fully glazed wall panels allow the glance from the passengers; in that way the store itself becomes part of the display window. Furniture and products on sale create a unity; color accents in the clean interior are set by the colorful articles themselves. They are displayed like art s in their l shelves and invite to be looked at and experienced.

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